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Tuition and Enrollment

Payment Policies

Tuition is paid by semester payments and is due the first day of each semester. Each semester consists of twelve classes. -2023-2024 Semesters and Payment Schedule are as follows:


First Semester - September 18 - January 6

Second Semester - January 8 - April 6

Recital Month April 8 - May 11

If you start in the middle of a semester, your tuition is prorated and you are only charged for the number of classes remaining in the semester.

Summer Session is in the months of June and August with Master classes

and camps in the month of July


We accept students throughout the year, however students enrolling after January 31 may not be able to participate in the annual recital.  If starting later in the season the instructor will be consulted about recital participation.


Registration Fee $25 to enroll in Leslie School of Dance. This is a yearly fee and is non refundable.

Leslie School of Dance Tuition (2).png

Tiny Tots

Our Tiny Tots program is $75 for a 6 week session otr $15 Drop In per week

Family Discount

Sibling Classes can be added together until you reach the unlimited (7-9 classes)  status and then they must be separated

Costume Deposit

A Recital Costume Deposit is due in November

Full Costume Prices : 

Intermediate/ Advanced $95 (per costume)

Pre Level- Level 2  $85 (per costume) 

Combo Class with 2 dances $90

Costumes include tights and all accessories needed for the recital dance.

We offer fundraising opportunities for families to help offset the costs of costumes.  In the event you have overpaid for your costume after the fundraising, you will receive a credit on your tuition or a refund.


Costume Payment Balance due in Feburary

Accepting Registrations for our 33rd Season!

Think your child is interested in dance, but not sure?

We offer an opportunity to try one free trial class before signing up at Leslie School of Dance.

Contact one of our studios to set up your trial class :

Go online -  create an account on our portal or sign in to register

for a trial class 

By E mail :


By Phone :


You must register for a trial class as our class sizes are limited and we must know who is coming. 

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