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2021-2022 and Summer 2022

Elmira Heights Studio

251 East 14th Street
Elmira Heights, NY 14903

Watkins Glen Studio

317 N. Franklin Street

Watkins Glen, NY 14891

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We offer an end of the year performance for all those that wish to participate in this spectacular event at the end of our school year. Not only are you entertained by our dancers but there is food, drinks and lots of activities!

We offer a Competition Team for the more serious dancer wanting to have a more competitive dance experience.

We are also affiliated with New Heights Dance Theater for those dancers who may be looking for additional performances.




We offer ballet classes at a variety of levels. PreBallet through Advanced. We teach a combination of Russian and French techniques. Emphasis is placed on correct positions and placement in the Advanced Classes, while beginning classes concentrate on a more general knowledge of the arts. Ballet classes are essential to all dance forms as they help with technique and strengthening for all dancers. We highly recommend ballet to be taken with your other dance classes. 



Jazz classes are a combination of classical, hip hop and athletic style movements. They incorporate stretching and conditioning as well as combinations to improve each individual students's own style.




Beginning tap classes teach basic steps and rhythms while more advanced classes begin to explore different rhythms and music styles and put them into combinations



Hip Hop is a street dance style danced to popular hip hop music. It includes improvisation and is often freestyle in nature. It encourages the dancer to express their own individuality. ​

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Acro combines stretching and strengthening as well as tumbling and mat exercises with upbeat dance moves and routines. In the early levels we focus on basic tumbling skills while the advanced classes combine more difficult stunts. Acro class placement is based on ability and not age. 


Lyrical is the expression of the lyrics in music through the body while Contemporary is a style of expressive dance that stresses versatility and improvisation. Both Ballet and Jazz techniques are used and are highly recommended to take in conjunction with these dance forms. For the higher levels, it is a requirement to have Ballet and Jazz. These dance forms are used to train dancers to tune into the emotional aspect of the music and their own individual styles



A free expressive style of dancing. Modern dance develops the use of the entire body in movement expressive of abstract ideas. 


Irish dance is a traditional dance originating from Ireland and was made popular by the more modern step dancing as seen in a show such as River-dance. It uses a rigid upper body and intricate footwork. 

PBT - Progressive Ballet Technique

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is an innovative body-conditioning and strengthening program using exercise balls and bands for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory to enhance their ballet and dance training.



This class is a form of theater that combines dance, songs, spoken dialogue and acting together. It involves theater exercises and dance combinations as well as studying Broadway Musicals.

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