Competition Team

Dance Intensity


Leslie Updyke - Artistic Director

Briana Sampsell - Administrative Director

Main Choreographers - Sarah Brown, Leanne Hull, Briana Sampsell, Leslie Updyke

Guest Choreographers - Courtney McMinds Tina Ranck


Students must have mastered certain skills in Ballet, Jazz and the discipline in which they wish to compete.  

Competition Team is for students who wish to go above and beyond the classroom practice.  It is a rewarding experience that requires time, talent, dedication and regard to one another as team members.  Participation in Competition Team can be a positive and motivating experience for students, providing them with new opportunities as well as encouraging them to develop their dance abilities to the fullest.

Being a member of Dance Intensity requires a significant amount of time, dedication, and often, finances. Dance Intensity's fees are not included in Leslie School of Dance tuition. Dancers are required to pay for costumes, shoes, make-up, entry fees, workshop fees, hotel fees, and travel expenses. Dancers performing solos, duos, or trios incur additional choreography fees.                 

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